Types of Kids Parties

Take a look below to see the types of parties we offer!

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Paint Parties

Paint a beautiful acrylic painting with friends and family. Step by step instruction and all supplies included. For all ages

Slime Making Parties

It’s the best kind of Messy, it’s Creative, it’s a Blast. These are three reasons you should book a Slime Making Party. A Great Party choice for both Kids and Adults. Especially a great gathering for Persons with Disabilities as it is a tactile project. The party price includes a take-home party favor that the children MAKE at the party and comes with a container and snap on lid. Slime Parties are also great for Halloween Parties and can also be used as a Science Project. Slime Parties are Recommended for children 5 and Up

Bubble Art Making

This is a Project that is both fun for Kids and Adults. Through the use of Tempera paints and Bubble Solution a beautiful bubble pattern is created and for younger kids a colored fish by them is added to the background to create a very cool sea life picture. For adults they can add to the picture through their own design. Recommended for ages 3 (with parent or guardian supervision) and up. Supervision is also required for people with disabilities.

Jackson Pollock Abstract Expressionism Squirt Gun Painting

This is a project in which Kids or Adults can have fun creating an Abstract Expressionism canvas painting through the use of squirts guns (not in the shape of actual guns) or Splash Painting and is designed to be done strictly outside. It is good for any age and truly a good time for all.

Collaborative Party Memorial Painting

On a large canvas, an art-tender will assist the honoree and each party participant to paint or collage their artistic expression in honor of the person who is having the party. Once the canvas is collaboratively completed, a photo will be taken of the finished product and each attendee will receive a copy as a memory of the party. Please have photocopies of the child or other pictures that you would like to incorporate into the painting. This project has endless possibilities and it is a great time for all involved – For all ages and a Fantastic Memory.

Sand Art Bottles

Sand Art is a great keepsake for Parties and Events or any fun occasion. Participants will fill art bottles with different layered colored sand, and have a Lovely Party momento. All Supplies included. A great art project for All Ages.

Face Painting